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We spent our last two full days on Zanzibar at the Matemwe Lodge.  This was a new experience for us.  Rather than ending a travel with a typical hotel and then on to the airport, we stayed at a stunningly beautiful, relaxing, and laid back lodge.

The ocean view from our hut's porch.

The ocean view from our bungalow’s porch.

Matemwe is a two hour drive from Stone Town and is located on the north east shores of Zanzibar.

All twelve bungalows are separated from each other by beautiful grounds and have ocean views.

The rooms are larger than my California apartment I rented in the early1990’s.  Heck, the sleeping area is bigger than that one bedroom apartment.  The bathroom was separated into four spacious areas: (1) sinks, IMG_1023(2) shower, (3) toilet, and (4) tub.  And how can I forget the porch with sofa and double hammock less than 15 feet from the drop to the ocean below.  Oh yes, almost forgot the private wading pool and double lounge chairs.

The only time you don’t see the ocean and the interaction of the locals coming and going on the ocean is when you are sitting at the outdoor bar or in the lower of the two

Just for the two of us.

Just for the two of us.

swimming pools.  Maybe they need a third pool because once I was one of four people at one of the pools — not private enough for me.

The dining area looks out over the Indian Ocean.  As good as the view is, the food is better.

We had too wait in the lounge area off the dinning room when we first arrived.  After an hour of ocean breeze, great tasting coffee, and sinking into the cushions of the lounging sofas while taking the time to relax and read they actually had the nerve to ask us to walk

The dining room.

The dining room.

to our bungalow — where was the sedan chair and servants to carry us to our bungalow.

We did nothing but lay back and take it easy for the entire time we were here.  Personally I moved from the bed to the dining area to the pool to the dining area to our private lounge chairs to the bar to the dinning area to our room and back to the bed for the total time we were here.

IMG_1022Nancy on the other hand enjoyed the privacy and the luxury of the bungalow.  What a way to end a trip!

The view from our dining table.

The view from our dining table.

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